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Types of Turnstiles Selling Zone

1 year ago Business & Industry San Jose   248 views


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What are turnstiles?
Turnstiles are a kind of pedestrian access blocking device (access control management equipment), which is mainly used to control and manage the pedestrian flow and regulate pedestrian access in various scenes in real life. The most basic and core function of a turnstile is to pass only one person at a time, which can be used at the entrance passage of various charging and access control occasions. Turnstiles are generally composed of a mechanism, chassis, blocking rod, control module, and some auxiliary modules such as alarm, counting, traffic detection, and so on.

Mairs types of turnstiles have ultra-high cost performance and provide high-quality services, so our security turnstiles are very popular in many countries and can be seen in many cities around the world, such as Germany, Australia, Poland, Romania, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Moldova, UK, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, USA.

Turnstyle or Turnstile?
Turnstyle or turnstile? In fact, “turnstyle” is the writing habit of people in some places, or it can also be said that it is the wrong spelling of turnstile, which actually expresses a meaning. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about turn style or turnstile and how to write this word turnstyle or turnstile. If you need a turn style or turnstile, you can contact us. We provide various pedestrian access turnstile gates. Of course, we can also customize types of turnstiles according to your actual needs.

Although turnstyle is a wrong way of writing about the turnstile product, we need not pay too much attention to this situation, because there are many wrong spellings in the world due to various regional and cultural reasons, but people can understand the correct meaning. In addition, most countries in Europe are used to spelling like a turnstyle, while the United States and Canada are used to spelling like a turnstile. These two words can express the same meaning.

The function of turnstiles
The function of turnstiles is to control the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. Say it in more detail, the basic core function of the turnstile is to pass only one person at a time.

This is the biggest function of turnstiles. However, with the continuous development of pedestrian turnstiles in recent years, the emergence of intelligent pedestrian turnstiles has changed the disadvantage of a single function. Intelligent pedestrian turnstiles can be associated with card readers, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, etc to form an intelligent pedestrian turnstile gate, which can avoid the investment of many human resources such as manual ticket checking, at the same time, it can also be linked with the attendance system and monitoring system to form an intelligent management platform.

After we know the function and importance of turnstiles, we should also pay attention to many matters when selecting the types of turnstiles. So how to choose the appropriate turnstile gate for different projects in different places? You can check our other articles: How to choose a turnstile? How many turnstiles do I need? and How much does a turnstile cost? Our company’s main turnstile gates include flap barrier gates, swing turnstile gates, tripod turnstile gates, full-height turnstiles, half-height turnstiles, etc. All turnstile gates from Mairs can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Where to buy different types of turnstiles?
Before introducing different types of turnstiles one by one, let’s show our different types of turnstiles first. You can directly click the product link below to buy. You can also check our product page, if you have any problems or need to customize these products, you can contact us